George Weiss, the founder of Say Yes to Education was a sophomore in college when his University of Pennsylvania fraternity held a Christmas party for some inner-city 12 year olds.  Struck by their struggles and determination, Weiss went on to organize a program built to “combine an early incentive of college education with high quality […]

Downtown Living Tour May 19th 12-6 PM

We can’t help but get excited for the Downtown Living Tour – we are after all realtors- we make a living when people buy places to live. But what really gets us jazzed is the diversity  of shelter that the greater Syracuse area has to offer and none better displayed then the array of city lofts, […]

Appliance Rebate Program – Take Advantage Now!

Saving energy is a great way to “go green,” especially when it saves you money.  If you’re in the market for a new, high-efficiency refrigerator or washer, take advantage of the state’s $3.5 million appliance rebate program.  You can receive a $350 rebate on a refrigerator or $250 on a washer (the appliances purchased must […]

Springtime Inspiration at the 2012 Home & Garden Show

Springtime is just around the corner!  Many people associate this time of year with fixing up their homes – whether it’s major remodeling, minor renovations, or even just spring decorating or gardening.  Spring is also a popular time of year for building or buying a new home.  If you are among the thousands of people […]

Make Energy Efficiency Improvements Now with NYSERDA’s New Program

Have you thought about making improvements to your home to maximize energy efficiency, but aren’t sure you want to spend the money?  How nice would it be to have a better insulated home, keeping the heat inside during winter, and the cool in during summer?  Think of the savings on your utility bills.  What about […]