Consideration – the Key to Your New Home

Consideration associated with a contract is generally thought to be the price and terms but being sympathetic and courteous towards the seller could make a difference in getting the home you want. Business people, like store owners, expect to deal with customers and even come to expect behavior that might not be accepted in a […]

What is the Right Neighborhood for You?

What is the the right neighborhood for you?  We can google “what makes the perfect neighborhood” and come up with lists and opinions, rules and demographic driven data.  But what makes a perfect neighborhood for you may not make a perfect neighborhood for me.  However, there are some factors to consider, some questions to ask […]

Downtown Living Tour May 19th 12-6 PM

We can’t help but get excited for the Downtown Living Tour – we are after all realtors- we make a living when people buy places to live. But what really gets us jazzed is the diversity  of shelter that the greater Syracuse area has to offer and none better displayed then the array of city lofts, […]

Pei Lin CNY Home Team

Buying or selling a home will be one of the largest financial commitments you make in your lifetime. Whether you are in the market for the first time or you are a seasoned homeowner, choosing the right team is crucial to your success. I have been selling homes in Syracuse

East Neighborhood Guaranteed Mortgage Program

Syracuse University East Neighborhood Guaranteed Mortgage Program is available to Syracuse University faculty and staff purchasing a house in the East or Outer Comstock Neighborhoods. Applications are available from the Syracuse University Real Estate Services Office at 315-443-2104.